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Canadian Bookkeeping Forms

For your convenient, we have included Canadian Government Bookkeeping related forms as listed below. Right click on the forms and select "Save Target/Link As".

T2125 Business Activity Form

T2121 Fishing Activity Form

T2042 Farming Activity Form

GST Form

FIN 400 PST Form

Business Number Registration Form

You can find information on: Business Organization, Financial Statements, Accounting Equation, Debits and Credits in the following Accounting 101 document. Right click on Accounting Tutorial and select "Save Target/Link As".

Business Plan Example

Accounting Tutorial




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Tax Free Savings Account

Starting January 1, 2009, Canadians who are 18 years or older can start contributing to a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA). It is tax free because the interest that you gain on your savings is not subject to tax. You can make withdrawals at anytime for any purpose. Also any unused contribution from the previous year can be carried forward to the current year. The maximum contribution limit for 2009 is $5,000. The TFSA will not have any impact on your RRSP limit.


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The Year you turn 71 is the last year in which you can make a contribution to your RRSP. You can contribute to an RRSP under which your spouse or common-law partner is the annuitant until the end of the year your spouse or common-law partner turns 71.





Hire a Bookkeeper Today and Concentrate on Growing Your Business


Bookkeeping is an important key to having business success.  A bookkeeper can take the stress off paper work and give you a clear financial picture of where you are at and where you are going.


There are two questions business owners always ask:

  1. What is my bottom line. Am I making money?
  2. What is my tax situation and government liability?

By hiring Accomp Services, your day to day bookkeeping will be done professionally, you will be ready at tax time and more prepared to take your business to the next level.  Unless you have an accounting background, why waste your time trying to run your business and your books at the same time.


The professional bookkeepers at Accomp Services in Kelowna will set up your books on Simply Accounting software and take care of your day to day financial needs.


Why Should You Hire a Bookkeeper?

  • Saving money:  It’s less expensive to hire an outside bookkeeper than a full time employee.  You are paying only for the time the bookkeeper spends on your books.  You do not need to invest in buying software programs and paying yearly fee to upgrade.  Our office has it all.
  • You can focus on what you do best: At first glance, it seems hiring a bookkeeper is expensive.  But if you think how much of your time will be free to concentrate on yours sales, customer service, and marketing, you won’t loose.  Don’t let the papers drag you down.  Accomp Services will make sure you are on time with government remittances and keep on top of all those receipts, and making sure suppliers are paid on time and customers pay you on time.
  • Hiring a bookkeeper is the key to success: There are many new entrepreneurs who have launched their dream and are working to be self employed.  However, just having an innovative idea is not enough to get ahead in this tough marketplace.  A business has to plan for now and for future in order to obtain the desired success.  The bookkeeping side of the business is most important to build a sound foundation for all business start-ups.  This includes tasks such as, data entry, payroll and government taxes.  These tasks can be daunting, but must be done in order to have a strong business.
  • Be financially secure: There are times when you want to burry your head in the sand. No, I don’t want to see my finances, I don’t want to see where the money in going.  But, of course, you need to know and understand your cash flow and get a clear idea of your business finances.  Accomp Services can help you achieve that.  With having the knowledge of where you’re at, you’ll be closer to achieving your financial dreams.
  • Lower your stress: Let’s face it; many self employed individuals do not enjoy bookkeeping.  It’s the last thing on their minds.  Accomp Services knows what to do and will build a relationship with you and give you the information needed to take the next step in growing your business financially. 
    The bookkeeping can be a shared task.  If you enjoy doing bookkeeping but find time is limited, Accomp Services can take on part of the task.  Find out what works for you and what tasks you can complete.  Accomp Services will be happy to share the work load.

Concentrate on Growing Your Business, Seek a Bookkeeper's Expertise

  • By hiring Accomp Services, you will have an accurate set of books showing you where you are making money the most, where you need to cut back, and where you will be in five years. Our team will help you work toward a goal and your financial statements will become your survival map.

Are you starting a business and need a free Bookkeeping and Accounting Tutorial?


We have prepared an Accounting 101 document as a simple tutorial to help businesses understand the accounting concepts like Business organization (Example: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation), accounting Financial Statements, and many more topics. Now, You can download this free bookkeeping and Accounting tutorial from our site. To download it right click on this link: Free Accounting and Bookkeeping Tutorial and select "Save Target As". It is also included in "What's New" section on the left side.


What You Can Expect From Your Bookkeeper


In my 24 years experience as a bookkeeper, I have met a lot of passionate business owners who have decided to establish the business of their dreams.  You are working to grow your business…until you realize you still have bookkeeping and record keeping to do.  Don’t fret, that’s where outsourcing comes in. 


You are the reason your business works and your time is best spent on growing it.  If you are spending a good chunk of your day trying to stay on top of your bookkeeping, you are costing your business serious money.  Now, you can unload this task onto a bookkeeper and free up more time for what you really love to do.


More than half of our clients have payroll.  We are set up to prepare payroll accounting, year end payroll documents and remit government payroll liabilities.


Once a month or upon client request I will review the general ledger. The general ledger is the core of your financial records.  Every transaction flows through the general ledger.  These records remain as a permanent track of the history of all financial transactions since day one of your business.


The financial statements consist of balance sheet and income statement.  Our job is to record the daily transaction records of your company and from those financial transactions the statements begin to appear.  They are developed through recording the transactions in the general ledger.  The financial statements come together from those records.


These statements are studied and decisions are made on tax accounting and tax planning as well as cash flow and budgeting are made to give sound advice on money management.


Simply Accounting is the small business accounting software used in our office.  Your company is set up geared to your industry. Tax tables and chart of account is created specifically for your business type.


A good bookkeeper will help you to survive the recession.  For those who are struggling in the current economic climate, the most important thing is to monitor the progress of your business with effective bookkeeping and to react swiftly to any warning signs.


YOUR Business is IMPORTANT to us.  As a bookkeeping office in Kelowna, we are proud to lend a hand to all your financial needs.

YOUR IDEAS MATTER - Let us know what you think about online accounting and bookkeeping!